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With the help of a bright manicure green and yellow shades you can bring to life the financial well-being. Unfavorable days. Do not visit the nail salon at this time, if you do not want problems in business and in relationships with loved ones. All other days of March are neutral. It is good to massage the nail plates with chamomile and calendula oils during this period, or a bath based on the decoction of these plants. You can safely experiment, get a perfect manicure. A new form of nails will help to attract attention. You can expect a promotion on the career ladder.

The period begins again when it is better not to engage in the attractiveness of nails. Otherwise, there may be serious health problems.

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Care must be taken not to get into a car accident. Any manipulation in the field of beauty will fail. The result is unlikely to enjoy. In addition, in life there will be troubles and problems. Dissatisfaction with others, will haunt you everywhere if you decide on a manicure and pedicure today. It is best to stay at home and finally dismantle all the trash in the attic, which litters the atmosphere of comfort of your home.

A quick rise in career promise stars to those who will not forget about visiting the nail master today. Beautifully made manicure and pedicure will give that confidence, which was not enough for the fateful acquaintance and business proposal, which could predetermine the further financial side of your life. To get rich and interesting life, manicure and pedicure on this day must be finished before sunset.

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Immediately after this, you should expect pleasant surprises, unexpected calls and pleasant meetings. It is possible that you will be offered a trip abroad. The manicure and pedicure done today is able to charge you with energy and vigor for a long time. The main thing is not to miss the best time - the first half of the day. Otherwise, you can achieve the exact opposite result. If you cover your nails with cold shades, you can scare away any problems that arise or even those that already exist in your life.

But the main thing is to focus on any other color, such as red or yellow. Harmony in your personal life and success at work will be under threat of destruction, if you take a trip to the master today. You can carry out wellness procedures, after which the nails can be in better shape than after going to the nail stylists.

To attract the attention of the opposite sex can be a simple way - trim the nails after the sun goes beyond the horizon. All secret dreams will be fulfilled if today we go to the procedure for nail extension. This will give confidence and strength to implement all that previously caused fears. To find happiness in your personal life, you need to pay attention to their marigolds. The master will perform the work qualitatively. A bright manicure will bring good luck and new acquaintances to life. Human nails are an indicator of his health.

Fragile, dull, stained nails will not create the image of a well-groomed female winner. In order to always look beautiful hands, you need to adhere to a certain rule: do a manicure, in accordance with the lunar calendar. These days are the so-called "days of beauty. If you do your nails in the outgoing moon on Monday, your nails will remain healthy and strong looking for a long time.

Because Monday is a lunar day of health. On Tuesday, nail clipping and manicure are needed for those who feel insecure in their abilities, who need support to get out of a difficult situation. Wednesday is the day of communication. If it turned out that negotiations, meetings are coming and a positive outcome is important to you - make a manicure on Wednesday.

The moon will give you a firm conviction of what you are doing. Thursday is the day of renewal, purification and growth. Self-care on this day will have a good effect on your physical and mental well-being. Friday is a day of rest and slowdown. If you decide to do a manicure on Friday, you should understand that all vital functions of a person on Friday are slowed down, so this day for hand care is not suitable. Saturday on the lunar calendar - the day of deliverance. It is worth doing the beauty of nails on Saturday, and you get rid of everything that hindered your development.

This sign is responsible for the nails of the feet and hands, as well as the skin, so on the day of the moon in Capricorn everything can be done: extension, haircuts, manicure. Everything will end fine! Taurus and Aries. Neutral in the nail plan signs. Manicure can be, though not necessarily. Another day is a taboo: if you shorten the nails, they will begin to exfoliate and completely "refuse" to grow.

A lion. Golden time to decorate the nails. You can draw flowers, paste rhinestones - all astrologers bless you with it! This is a healing day: besides decoration, pens can also be treated. Cutting manicure, cutting corns, baths - everything goes well and will give the maximum effect. Day care. You can clean the skin and marigolds, soar them in bath-houses enriched with essential oils. If the moon in this sign, then vice versa - the baths are contraindicated. Today they can burn the skin. But a manicure is not forbidden. Want a manicure? Yes please!

But it is even better on this day to begin to treat inflammation or a crack in the skin. Be careful: doing a manicure which is not prohibited today , avoid sharp objects. Just today, you are in danger of getting hurt. Also do not try new cosmetics - today the body may produce an unexpected allergy. It is also important to remember: all trimming procedures are strictly prohibited in the new moon and full moon.

You should also be careful three days before and after the same period after the indicated days.

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The power of the night luminary can be a great helper for you. Use it to maintain your image. Agree on trips to the beauty salon with the lunar calendar for December , and you will always look beautiful. In addition, having a manicure on certain days, you can bring to life financial well-being. December the moon phase is approaching the Full Moon, and these days the night light will be in the constellation Taurus. But 1 number of manipulations with nails can harm the nail plate.

Limit your care to the nail plate. The new color and shape of nails will help to cope with difficulties at work, and cutting the nails these days will relieve trouble. The Moon in Cancer is waning, which means that this time is also favorable for strengthening procedures. December these days will be unfavorable for manicure and pedicure. The moon in the constellation of Leo can adversely affect the mood, so the new manicure should be postponed.

December Moon in Virgo - not the best time for a manicure. Cutting your nails can lead to personal disappointments. Spend time on caring for your hands and make baths with essential oils. December this three-day period is suitable for any procedures with marigolds. The moon in Libra will supply the space with positive energy, and the new manicure will be the key to a great mood and success in all spheres of life.

December ambiguous energy these days will be reported by the Moon in Scorpio. Astrologers recommend to stop the choice on light shades of varnish. Also these days the best choice would be the rounded shape of the marigold. This will help you focus on work and get rid of disturbing thoughts. December The moon is waning, taking away the life forces. Her presence in Sagittarius will affect emotions and mood.

To recharge your batteries, a manicure should be done in the morning. But after sunset, any manipulation of the nails should be excluded, so as not to bring life into trouble. December 18, at New Moon, limit yourself to easy nail care. They can be covered with a medical varnish. December on Tuesday and Wednesday under the influence of Capricorn, manipulation of the nails can lead to delamination and fragility.

Astrologers recommend to refrain from using varnish and exclude a trip to an untested salon, where you may get an infection. Home procedures for the restoration of nails will be appropriate. Procedures with nails on December 22 and 23 will help them recover, eliminate brittleness and delamination. The positive energy of the moon in Aquarius will give you confidence, and you can achieve success. The moon in Pisces will have a positive effect on mood, which will be successful for performing responsible work.

And with the new manicure you will be irresistible and will draw attention to your person. December under the influence of impulsive Aries, manicure renewal can lead to mood swings. If you need confidence and pressure, then these days you should choose bright colors for a manicure. However, be careful not to provoke conflict situations at work. December under the influence of Taurus, people have an incentive to develop and achieve success. To these days led to your material stability, paint the nails in green shades. So you can bring to life good luck. To attract good luck in the coming , use natural shades of lacquer.

The rounded shape of the nails will be appropriate and will certainly attract the attention of the patron of the new year - the Yellow Dog. To look irresistible on New Year's Eve, use not only the recommendations of the manicure calendar, but also the lunar calendar haircuts. On favorable days, you can renew your image and meet the New in full readiness for the best changes in your life. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and. A manicure for your zodiac sign can bring good luck in all your endeavors, as astrologers say, and it is the best way for you.

We tell you what a manicure is to choose a ram, a calf, fish and other signs of the zodiac. Aries are most often stubborn, courageous and have many qualities to become a real leader. For this zodiac sign, a bold and bright manicure is best, for example, stars on a dark background, red hearts or golden stripes on a gradient background. Zodiac sign manicure for reliable, persistent and romantic calves with good aesthetic taste should be intricate and delicate.

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For example, marble manicure, design with miniature elements and graphic drawings. The twins are very quick-witted and quickly respond to the current situation, very charming and artistic. You can display the dual nature of twins in a manicure using different colors and patterns on different nails. Crayfish are creative individuals, sensitive, like comfort and coziness, real family men. Ambitious, courageous and confident lions are not afraid of bright colors and original solutions.

For this zodiac sign fit manicure with ultra-saturated colors and noticeable accents. For example, a multi-colored rainbow manicure or flowers on a red background. Perfectionist maidens always do a five-plus job. They are inherent attention to detail and detail. Astrologers recommend using it and creating a soft and gentle manicure with original details: small dots, glitter or stones. Scales love balance and harmony, they are always honest and sincere, sometimes they are indecisive. Libra loves all that is beautiful, be it designer shoes, jewelry or a picture in the style of impressionism.

This zodiac sign is worth paying attention to the chic manicure designs in gold shades. Mysterious, mysterious and impulsive - all this causes interest among others, people are drawn to scorpions. Sexy red manicure in various variations will be the best solution for scorpions.

Try to combine different shades, gradient, plain wine or burgundy manicure. Archers are honest, straightforward and optimistic. They will always find a solution and defuse the atmosphere with a wonderful sense of humor.

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Let this enthusiasm and thirst for life grow into a colorful and interesting nail design. Capricorns are able to achieve all their goals due to ambition, dedication and professionalism. A cold and calm manicure is ideal for this zodiac sign, but strips obliquely or an emphasis on the cuticle will help make it more original.

Aquarians are full of contradictory features - they are shy, but energetic, curious and curious, and their brain is constantly working. They say that Aquarius can foresee the future, so they should pay attention to the avant-garde and futuristic designs of nails. Pisces is a friendly, trusting and sociable zodiac sign, which loves people and is always ready to help its neighbor.

Pisces is a great manicure in blue and blue shades, as well as dreamy and romantic design options. What is good and what is bad is decided in this case by the moon. You will listen to her advice, your nails will be long, your health will be strong, and the money will not be transferred. Contemporaries listen to the advice of the astrologers - anyone who wants to protect themselves from the kicks of fate. It is enough to cut the hair or nails to a diminishing night light - they will grow back slowly and slowly.

Take note of when planning a shugaring. And we will talk about manicure - a good time to restore beauty on nails. Even the children know the phases of the moon - new moon, rising, full moon and descending. Everyone ate, got drunk and even had a fight at last. As a result, the comic New Year's horoscope states the fact: Libra spent the whole holiday night on the Internet, chatting with virtual friends and exchanging beautiful pictures.

Well, but honestly. Libra wanted something wonderful and illusory, and all this can be obtained only in social networks. What to do with them? Understand and forgive.

Insidious and, as if not from this world, Scorpions even in the New Year can differ. First, they make themselves indifferent to this holiday, and then do a gorgeous make-up, put on an expensive dress and go to the table at five minutes to twelve. They almost forgot - Scorpio still needs to be asked for three hours, so that she would nevertheless go out to the people and please them with her presence.

Further, she had everything according to her program: she found a victim, frowned, watered and dragged into some ridiculous story. He himself came Sagittarius for the New Year is frankly bored. At the very least, stupidly sitting, talking toasts, listening to hits of the 80s and eating salads - this is not at all in her manner. Therefore, when the clock strikes twelve, Sagittarius disappears from sight. A strange question that she herself cannot answer. Do you happen to know who this is?

Can't stand the New Year, tell me, who is it? Of course, Capricorn. No, no, this is not because everyone is a year older, or you need to buy a new dress and plan salads. But, after all, she waited so much, hoped and believed And she wanted to receive a present, on which now no one has money. The summary is sad, as is the expression on Capricorn, who sits quietly at the New Year's table, grumbles to herself under his breath and regrets that she was not born in July.

Well, because it's New Year, comrades! How can you not love him? For two months, Aquarius begins to prepare for the New Year holiday - makes a menu, buys an outfit and calls friends. Well, and ultimately, going to visit someone from not very familiar, but funny personalities.

Just do not scold for being late. In fact, everything in Aquarius is thought out to the smallest detail. I arrived late, which means that they will not force to clean herring for salad.


New Year's Eve is a special and long-awaited holiday for Pisces, so she wants to make it truly magical and unforgettable. Alas, plans are crumbling like a house of cards. The fish get upset because of unfulfilled illusions, and then reproach themselves for meaningless hopes. One of the guests got drunk, another criticized her signature dish, and the third appeared in a disco outfit. Horror, and nothing more! In the end, Pisces is not particularly prepared for the New Year.

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The main thing is that the suit is sitting, and the lipstick is exactly on the lips. Funny, humorous and humorous predictions for all the signs of the zodiac in the year especially for you on tochka. Cheer up yourself and your friends by reading a cool horoscope for to guests at the festive New Year and Christmas table or sending a funny text message with a prediction to friends and colleagues. But do not forget that in every joke there is a fraction But this is for the better, because their strength, like a chicken, with the necessary pressure is capable of turning mountains.

It is the Rooster that is waiting for decisiveness from you in But look, do not overdo it so that fluff and feathers do not fly off your head! Twins stop pulling the blanket from one half of yourself to the other. Remember, finally, about your real soulmate! Just as a barley seed is more expensive to a Rooster than all pearls, so should your family become more expensive than all earthly goods.

Otherwise, you risk losing your happiness and sitting croaking in proud loneliness. Until the Rooster pecks But where you need to prove yourself, you continue to back away, instead of decisive action. Overcome your fears yourself, and do not wait for a kick in the ass or a beak on the back of the head. But in the heat of self-preservation, do not go too far, otherwise you will have to figure out a relationship with the symbol of the year for a long time, proving that your mane is cooler than a loose cock tail!

Moreover, you do not occupy your own prudence in thoughts and deliberation in actions. Catch your Rooster, like a bird of happiness by the tail, and take it fully from the coming year. Be friendly with friends, and for enemies at the right time you will find both a sharp word and a portion of poison. Sagittarius , having got used to the role of the amorous cupid and spreading arrows to the right and left, look do not defeat the Rooster running past to death!

Therefore, try not to offend the Rooster with your sparkling humor and thoughtless actions, because in revenge he can peck at the most painful place. The Fiery Cockerel is on its way. And he has a long way to go. You should know that the Fire Rooster loves sociable, elegant and eloquent people, and he bring good luck and happiness in the new year. May for joy, louder, out loud The Rooster Crows! Well, Monkey, bye, bye! The Red Rooster is already visiting us.

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